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We know our stuff. In addition to over 40 years of combined home theater experience, our home theater designers are nationally recognized for their expertise in home theater components and integrated systems. Our designers have written numerous articles and reviews for such sites as the AVS Forum and Audioholics, and their articles on front projection systems and screens are considered by many to be definitive. Despite this, you will NEVER get any snob attitude from us, whether you are looking at a $5,000 home theater system or one that runs over $100,000.

No sales pressure. Zero. Zip. None. Nada.

No pushing extended warranties or overpriced accessories. Ever go into an electronics store and feel pressured to spend more money than you did on the product for accessories and extended warranties? The reason why is that pricey speaker cables, interconnects, and warranties are MASSIVELY PROFITABLE to the dealer. It is not because they are a good deal or necessity for the consumer. We have made it a policy to never push these types of items.

No bashing lines we don't carry. Dealer A tells you that what they sell is the absolute best and everything else is garbage. Dealer B tells you that what they sell is the absolute best and everything that dealer A sells is garbage. Isn't it amazing that the "best" always turns out to be what they have in stock? At Integrity we have eliminated this problem by a) carrying almost every brand available, and b) making it a rigid policy not to bash the few brands we don't carry.

No snob attitude. Many other dealers look down their noses at customers not wanting to spend tens of thousands of dollars. We do not. Home theater can be a fun and rewarding hobby, and one should not have to be a millionaire to enjoy it. To that end, we carry pieces from the bottom to the very top, with pieces that can fit just about every budget.