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4K is here and JVC and Integrity Home Theater has it!

jvc dla-rs65

The 2012 JVC Reference Series DLA-RS65 now boasts a full 4K resolution at under $8000 and top-of-the-line performance!

NHK Science and Technology Research Labs, NHK Engineering services, and the JVC corporation, in a collaborative effort developed the new Super High Vision projection system utilizing e-Shift technology.   E-Shift technology allows the up conversion and scaling of 2D HD (high definition) content to 4K, which is over 4 times the number of pixels, or twice the resolution of standard HD (3840x2160).

The DLA-RS65 is built using only the highest quality hand selected, hand tested components, and now provide 120,000:1 native contrast ratio for the very best image quality. The RS65 offers an improved 80,000:1 native contrast, ships with 2 free pairs of 3D glasses and now comes with a full 3-year warranty. 

JVC's DLA-RS65 projector also offers great new features in 3D.  With their enhanced 2D to 3D converter, all your favorite movies and television shows can now be made into 3D.   There are user adjustments for 3D depth and a parallax adjustment to tailor the 3D effect.

The new 3D anamorphic feature when combined with an anamorphic lens like the Panamorph UH480 or DC-1, now allows you to enjoy your 2.35:1 scope format movies in 3D as well.   JVC has also broadened the compatibility of 3D, allowing a wider range of broadcasts to be seen, including 1080/24 and 720p side by side formats.

Cross talk is no longer an issue, with the new Cross Talk Canceller, which analyzes the left and right eye images and applies the appropriate correction.  The image is also brighter than previous generations, with an improved driver that keeps the shutter on the active 3D glasses open longer, allowing more light to enter as well as minimizing the cross talk even more.

The DLA-RS65 projectors are designed to achieve THX 3D certification and come with ISF certification.

For ease of installation, you now have 1/16th pixel shift function, as well as JVC's flexible lens shift capability.

The DLA-RS65 projectors also have an upgraded optical engine, with improved black levels and native contrast, as well as a 7-axis color management system.

The JVC DLA-RS65 is one of the very best projectors available for your home theater system. Call us at 888-484-9680 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it today to find out how the JVC DLA-RS65 can be the centerpiece of your theater.  We are a fully authorized JVC custom integrator and everything we sell is brand new and comes in factory sealed packaging with JVC's full warranty.

What about the rest of your theater?

Keep in mind - picking out the right projector is only one part of putting together your home theater.  Matching projector and screen to your environment, seating distance and intended usage (TV, movies, sports, gaming) is just as important.

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