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JVC HD 250

The HD-250 is built on JVC’s award winning RS series projectors, giving you the features and quality that you would expect.  The HD-250 comes out of the box already calibrated to color temperature D65, so you have a brilliant image with a 1000 lumen rating.  Combined with the motorized zoom lens and the 80% vertical / 34% horizontal lens shift you have the flexibility in projector placement and screen size you deserve.

Using the HQV Reon-VX video processor chip, you get state of the art I/P conversion and scaling at a full 10-bit signal processing.  The HD-250 also utilizes an HQV noise reduction function to block mosquito noise. One other advantage to the Reon processing chip is it’s ability to do both modes of video scaling for an anamorphic system, using a 2.40:1 or 2.35:1 aspect screen, and an anamorphic lens.

Finally, the HD250 comes with a motorized lens cover that opens and closes with the power on/off  to protect the unit for dust.  Complete with 2 HDMI inputs (1.3a HDMI), component, composite, and  S-Video, you are sure to have the connectivity that you need.

What about the rest of your theater?

Keep in mind - picking out the right projector is only one part of putting together your home theater.  Matching projector and screen to your environment, seating distance and intended usage (TV, movies, sports, gaming) is just as important.

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