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Panamorph lenses has introduced the first completely sealed anamorphic lens, the DC1.   The airtight sealed lens ensures that no dust or particles can get into the lens housing to cause any aberrations in the image path that could degrade the contrast.

Using enhanced, custom, multilayer dielectric coatings in a patented optical design, combined with a new angled corrector lens, the DC1 delivers the highest contrast of any lens on the market. 
The DC1 has a new housing, with a more contemporary design, making it the perfect showpiece to your home theater system.

The DC1 is also compatible with the ATH-1 motorized sled, and the MTH1 manual sled system.  With the new lockable lens positioning screw and notches set in the u-bracket installation becomes a breeze.
Panamorph also has other lens offerings for your home theater system, the UH480 and the UV200 vertical compression lens.