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Sony ES Receivers

The A/V receiver has evolved from a simple box that was once used only to power speakers into the center of your home theater. You can now connect your DVD, Blu-ray, cable, satellite, iPod, gaming systems, and virtually any other source to your receiver and switch both the audio and video being displayed at the push of a button.

Sony's award winning line of ES receivers is the perfect fit for your theater system. They feature an intuitive on-screen interface which is based on the menu system in the PlayStation3, Sony’s hugely popular video game platform. This makes it easy to switch between your sources and intuitively use your new receiver.

The STR-DA3300ES is Sony's entry-level ES receiver. The 3300ES features a Faroudja DCDi video processor to turn all your video sources into full 1080p, the highest resolution available, resulting in crisp, detailed images. The STR-DA3300ES has 3 HDMI inputs which allow you to use a single cable to pass digital audio and video signals. HDMI simply delivers the very best picture and sound possible.

The Sony STR-DA4300ES builds on its sibling's features by adding support for both Dolby TrueHD and DTS HD Master Audio, as well as a host of other audio formats. These new high-definition audio formats allow you to experience your movie's sound exactly the way the director intended. Want to watch the same source on two displays? Like the 3300ES, the 4300ES allows you to connect a second display so that you can enjoy the same audio and video source in another room.

Along with all of the features of the STR-DA3300ES & STR-DA43000ES, Sony's flagship receiver, the STR-DA5300ES, adds extra power making it ideal for larger rooms. With 6 HDMI inputs, twice that of the 3300ES and 4300ES, you can connect all your current (and future) components to the STR-DA5300ES. All Sony ES receivers have a digital media dock to connect an MP3 player and are XM radio-ready making it not only the center of your theater, but also a great way to listen to music throughout your whole home.

What about the rest of your theater?

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