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The Importance of Room Acoustics  E-mail

Why room acoustics are more important than fancy cables, interconnects, and pricey audio "tweaks"

When so many people are willing to spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars on esoteric interconnects and cables that are of questionable to little value in "improving" the sound of their systems, we believe it is important to discuss what you can do to genuinely improve the sound quality in your theater room. Proper use of acoustic treatments and quality room correction equalization can make a far greater audible difference in sound quality than any esoteric audio tweak. For example, properly treating the 'first refection point' in a room can pay off large dividends in improving the sound quality in your home theater. The first reflection point is the point at which the sound coming from your speakers reflects off the side walls, floor, or ceiling. Left untreated these first reflections cloud imaging, reduce dialogue intelligibility, and destroy the flat frequency response you paid for when you invested in high quality speakers and electronics.

That is where acoustic treatments come in. We have partnered with Ethan Winer of RealTraps to bring us genuinely effective bass traps and acoustic treatments that can improve the sound in just about any room. We came across Ethan Winer and RealTraps through the AVS Forum and Audioholics.com, and after reading through his web site, thought than there was a good match between our company and his. Why? Because Ethan is concerned with creating products that can actually make large and verifiable differences in sound quality, just as we are always looking for products that represent honest values in price and performance by avoiding marketing hype, outrageous product claims, and sales pressure.

Please take a moment to read through Ethan's site, www.RealTraps.com where he lays out acoustic theory and implementation in a very clear, concise, and unpretentious manner. We think his videos are excellent in illustrating the concepts as well as demonstrating the effectiveness of proper room treatment. You can find his videos here: www.RealTraps.com/videos.htm.

Only have a few minutes to see what we are talking about? Download a couple of his videos to your desktop and watch them at your leisure. Even though RealTraps are only sold direct over the internet, we can sell them at the same price as their web direct pricing and can help you get the right treatment design for your room.